Monitor is Norway’s leading trade magazine for anything related to Film, TV and broadcasting in general. This market position has given Monitor the opportunity to launch Monitor RoadShow. By looking to what The Swedish edition of Monitor have done, we are adjusting the concept to suit Norwegian condition. Witt inspiration from, and cooperation with our Swedish partner, we are excited to welcome exhibitors and visitors alike in November.

Monitor RoadShow is a roadshow, visiting the three largest cities in Norway over 5 days. The aim is to create a common ground for suppliers and users of products and services within the broadcasting industry, to build and maintain relationships. The intention is to facilitate a setting that is less crowded than usual trade fairs and allow participants and visitors alike to interact one-on-one.

With unique access to the entire market in Norway Monitor RoadShow set its sight on establishing itself as an institution within the Norwegian business, like it has done in Sweden, building links between Norwegian and international operators. With a combination of product presentations, workshops and talks, Monitor RoadShow is preparing a roadshow, not only dedicated to please suppliers, but also to encourage further cooperation and innovative exchange of ideas between all parts involved in the industry.

The roadshow will take you and your exhibition from Oslo to Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and back again to the final show in Oslo, starting on the 1oth of October, ending on the 17th.  The cargo will be handled by our logistics partner, and the people will travel by plane between the different places.

The price for this is 77.500,- Norwegian kroner (app. 7.800,- euro or 8.900,- USD). This covers transportation of products, and two people, as well as accommodation in Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim. Hotel in Oslo can be arranged, but will come on top of the price.

The price also covers marketing through social media, website, mailing list and such.

For further information:

Anders Olsen, (+47) 922 08 524, anders@monitormagasin.no

Geir Bergersen, (+47) 48034183, geir@monitormagasin.no